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Jeff Thomas | Sep 16, 2020

Most of us would like to assume that we’re smarter than pigs, but are we? Let’s have a look. Pigs are pretty intelligent mammals and forest-dwelling wild pigs are known to be especially wily. However, there’s a traditional method for trapping them. In fact, it is the essence of trapping humans into collectivism.

Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst, | Sep 15, 2020

It’s no secret that one of the Nasdaq’s best performing stocks this year has been Tesla. Its meteoric rise, until recently, flashed dollar signs in the dreams of its investors. Given silver’s historical volatility, a question dawned on me: could silver log a similar runaway price advance in the not-too-distant future?

Jeff Thomas | Sep 8, 2020

Since earning the nomination as the 2020 Democratic candidate for the presidency, Joe Biden has stated that he is as a “transition candidate.” This was an odd statement, especially for someone who has hardly begun his formal campaign. (He’s not even in office yet and he’s discussing being on the way out?) Yet this was not just another one-off Biden gaff, as has been suggested by some. Since announcing his pick for vice president, he has stated, “Look, I view myself as a bridge, not as anything else.”

Mark Yaxley | Sep 7, 2020

How high can the gold price go? Well from a technical analysis standpoint, Chris Vermeulen of has stated that we could be looking at gold prices 250-350% higher than today's prices, with silver gaining 550-750%. At first glance these figures may seem astonishing, but the fact that they are based on Chris' expert technical analysis, and not simple speculation, makes them much more reliable.

Jeff Clark | Sep 4, 2020

Today, institutional participation – the enormous Wall St and global wealth management and investment firms and their clients from hedge funds to pension funds – in the gold market is minimal.But with interest rates near zero globally, we’re seeing signs that this is changing rapidly.

Jeff Thomas | Sep 4, 2020

In the short time since the killing of George Floyd, demonstrations have taken place in all fifty US states. Riots have occurred in forty of them. In each of the incidents, many protesters have held up signs saying, “Defund the Police.” Of course, no one wants to become a riot victim, but in those cities and states that are Democrat-run, there’s a bit of a hitch: Politicians must be seen to sympathise with protesters, or they will not appear to be sufficiently outraged by “systemic racism.”

Jeff Thomas | Aug 27, 2020

In 1946, Juan Perón was elected president of a prosperous country - Argentina. He promised great social benefits to the common man, under justicialismo (social justice). This “justice” was never actually defined; it was more implied: If you’re a common man, the Perón government will favour you over the “rich.”

Jeff Clark | Aug 24, 2020

It blew up my phone. It was after market hours on Friday, August 14 when the news broke that Berkshire Hathaway’s 13F showed it had purchased 20.9 million shares of Barrick Gold, the largest gold miner in the industry. It caught many gold investors by surprise, myself included, since Buffet has been so negative on gold—even though he bought a miner one wouldn’t do that if they thought gold was headed lower anytime soon.

Jeff Clark | Aug 14, 2020

If you’re familiar with Mike Maloney, you probably know he (and I) actually like it when gold and silver prices correct. It gives us an opportunity to add more ounces at a better price. But not every investor likes corrections. For some it’s worrisome. Others want to know why the price is falling. Still others wonder if the correction is over and a good time to buy. The recent drop in gold and silver brought up these concerns again. So I thought it was time to examine that abrupt selloff and compare it to other corrections during similar periods. By viewing corrections in context, and through the lens of history, I think you’ll see that yes indeed, corrections are nothing buy buying opportunities in bull markets.

Jeff Thomas | Aug 13, 2020

“Imagine if you will, a situation in which the economy of a nation is overdue to experience an economic collapse of epic proportions, but remains endlessly at the brink. Every day, a collapse is more likely, yet the economic house of cards remains in a state of suspended animation. Some people become increasingly edgy, while others become more complacent. Only a few choose to actually prepare for what’s coming. An impossible situation? Yes. But we’d be well-advised to recognize that it wouldn’t only be possible in the Twilight Zone.”

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